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Doodling Together #2

In case you missed it, at the weekend 4 lovely people each tackled a small section of a large string and made an awesome picture together :o)  At the time I titled it “Collaborative Doodle” but that seems a little awkward to say so from now on I’ll be calling it “Doodling Together” which sounds much friendlier :o)

As the 4 sections were snapped up so quickly at the weekend, I’ve made one with 9 pieces this time in the hopes I might get to join in too! ;o)


Leave a comment with the number of the section you would like and I will email you the image without the big number in the middle :o)

I made a new page with helpful hints on how to copy the string onto paper accurately so that it’s easy to line up – Copying Strings  Please give that a read before you start :o)

Once you’ve completed your drawing, send me a scan or photo to and as soon as I have all 9 I will put the image together so we can all admire our handiwork! :o)

Update: All the sections have now been claimed as you can see!  As soon as I’ve had the photos back I will make a new post with the finished image! :o)

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Zendala Dare #93

The diva challenge this week led me to Erin Olson’s blog to find out how to draw Charlie which led me to discover the Zendala Dare weekly challenge! :o)

Erin provides a template to doodle in a Zendala (round) style :o) This is my first attempt at a Zendala! :o)


It was quite a challenge deciding on the patterns. I particularly like the Knot Rickz and the Betweed center :o)

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Collaborative Doodle Complete!

This morning I awoke to find the final piece of the drawing in my mail! :o) I have stuck them all together and can now reveal the completed picture…

Completed Collaboration 1

Yay! :o)

We have Alysha top left, Jo top right, Trisha bottom left and Colette bottom right :o) Lots of lovely tangling :o)

Clearly some sections line up better than others, and I needed to do some colour balancing to make all the blacks and white a bit more similar, but I certainly think the final result looks good :o) Yay! :o)

I actually had a bit of a play with some friends at the weekend by taking a piece of card, drawing a string across the whole thing, and then cutting it into 4 pieces. None of them had ever drawn in this way before and I just handed them each a pen and a device running Doodle Patterns and let them play :o)

Collaborative Doodle 2

More lovely tangling! :o) Clearly this lines up better, particularly as I took the photo of all 4 together ;o)

Obviously I don’t want to insist everyone prints out their section to draw as not everyone has a printer, but I wonder how we can get things to line up better. If you have any bright ideas I’d love to hear them! :o)

So, who would like to try this again? :o) Leave a comment if you would like to join in and I will email you a section :o) The size of the finished piece depends upon how many people join in the doodling! :o)

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Diva Challenge #157

As it’s the first Monday of the month the diva challenge this week is a UMT with Charlie by Erin Olson.

I decided to go a bit Charlie extreme and created a very spiky design! :o)


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Doodle Owl

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Whilst we were eating chicken wings in Hooters the other day Chris suggested I doodle an owl :o) It’s taken a while to get around to as I required a pencil to draw the outline first, but I finally did it :o)


This was surprisingly hard, mostly because I couldn’t decide which patterns would work! I started with the eyes as I knew they needed to have some central focus. Thankfully Chris suggested knyt before I went crazy overthinking it! :o)

For the first time you will see I’ve added a little “signature”! I thought it was about time I learnt to add one to my drawings :o) Now I just need to remember to leave space for it ;o)

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Collaborative Doodle

I woke up this morning with a crazy idea that we could doodle together! :o) I’m not quite sure of the best way to do this, but let’s see if this works :o)

I have created a nice big string and split it into 4 sections:

Big String

If you would like to complete 1 of the 4 sections leave a comment with the section you want (top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right) and then get drawing!

Email me a photo of your completed drawing to

Then I will stick the images together and we’ll see how awesome it looks! :o)

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