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Doodling Together #2 Complete!

This morning I found the final square waiting for me in my email! Hooray! :o)

It was lovely to watch 6 people turn this empty string…


Into this beautiful collaboration :o)


Thanks to Jo, Charma, Alysha, Colette, Meredith and Christine for joining me in creating this lovely picture :o)

Those who participated in this one are already working on the next! Using a new app I’m working on! :o) If you’d like to join in the fun and have an iPhone or iPad then let me know in a comment :o)

I’ll be posting more about the new app soon. It’s still in very early testing but we’ve already started to fill in this giant 100 square doodle! :o)


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Tackle It Tuesday #3

I’m not quite sure how it got to be Sunday already! Here’s my Tackle it Tuesday piece :o)


I’ve used coaster, coil, clothesline, cockles&mussels and co2. They were all new to me and I really enjoyed them :o)

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Ornation Creation #36 – Ornate Cross

I’ve been working on this all week! It seems to have taken an awfully long time! :o)


Choosing tangles to fit the spaces was quite a challenge. I managed to resist my urge to fill in every space and left some sections white.

I particularly like the keeko near the middle :o)

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Doodle Organizer

I’ve made a new app! :o)

Doodle Organizer is now available from the App Store!

HomeFilterDetail Search

With this app you can organise your personal library of patterns!  That notebook you have full of patterns, or that folder full of reference cards, can quickly be digitised so you can take them with you anywhere! :o)  Simply take a photo, give it a name, and add some tags.

You can search for a pattern by name, or filter by a number of tags.  If you need a dark pattern and would like it to be grid-based you can easily see a choice of patterns to work from! :o)

There’s even a random button which will come from just the current filter! No more indecisiveness, just more drawing! :o)

Get your copy from the App Store now! :o)  Let me know what you think and if there’s any functionality I’ve missed! :o)  I hope you like it! :o)

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For those of you without the Doodle Patterns app, here’s one of my patterns which I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere else! :o)  This pattern was created by simplifying a carpet pattern I saw in a casino in Vegas :o)


I’ve used it in a number of my drawings and I really enjoy how the simple steps create something intricate :o)  Although not as intricate as the original carpet design! ;o)


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Diva Challenge #158

This week the challenge was to create a duotangle using Diva Dance and Crescent Moon :o)


I went a bit Diva Dance crazy! :o)

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Ornation Creation #35 – Zebra

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There’s a Facebook group called Ornation Creation where a wonderful guy named Ben Kwok shares a template each Monday.  These templates are beautiful even before people fill them! :o)  I’ve only just found this group, hence starting on 35, but I suspect I will be going back through the previous templates as they’re awesome! :o)

Here’s my zebra using this weeks template :o)


It was quite a challenge working on something so large, and choosing patterns which I thought would work. In the end I went for a zig-zaggy zebra :o)

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Gallery Photos #4

Here’s another large bunch of beautiful drawings from the users of Doodle Patterns :o)

Jo has been uploading more too! :o) Jo has a blog for her photography which features some beautiful close ups of nature :o)

If you are the artist behind any of these photos and would like me to put your name next to them and give a link to your blog then just leave a comment and I can edit the post! :o)

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Spiral Doodle

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I finished this today whilst out and about :o) Nikki drew the string for me and I used the “random” button in My new app you haven’t seen yet to choose the patterns :o)


I can’t say I was upset when random gave me nzeppel – it’s one of my favourites! :o)

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Tackle it Tuesday #2

As perhaps expected the Tackle it Tuesday challenge this week is to use tangles which begin with B :o)


I always love an excuse to draw blooming butter and betweed which I’ve combined with beadlines and barber pole :o)

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