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Doodled Card

I made this card for my Grandma to accompany a pair of gloves if crocheted :o)


I have to admit – working with templates or random strings is so much easier than this was! I find it very hard to just draw and be confident. Although I am very happy with the result :o) It just took an awfully long time compared to other drawings of the same size!

Update: As requested, here’s a photo of the gloves and my grandma happily wearing them :o)


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Mike drew the string for this doodle ages ago! I’ve kept looking at it, contemplating patterns, for a long time but never quite got around to the drawing. Always distracted by challenges! ;o) Yesterday whilst we were out I finally filled it in :o)


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Tackle It Tuesday #5

This week the Tackle it Tuesday challenge was tangles beginning with E! :o)


I really enjoyed drawing this and like the outcome a lot! :o) I’ve used eyelet&ribbon, eyetest, eek, eyewa and elzee. Three of them I’d never drawn before! :o)

Thanks to Cheryl for challenging me to try new designs! I’m really enjoying making my tangled alphabet! :o)

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Diva Challenge #160

The challenge this week is to use a string as a spiral. I drew a double spiral and it evolved into this…


Honestly, I’m not very happy with it but I can’t work out why nor what to do to make it better. So here it is to prove that not everything I draw is great ;o)

To make up for it, here’s a spiral string based drawing you might recognise from a few weeks back…


Much happier with that one :o)

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Ornation Creation #38 – Broadbill

This week the template from Ben Kwok is a beautiful Silver Breasted Broadbill. I let the random button in Doodle Organizer do most of the pattern choosing for me :o)


I really like how this turned out :o) I love how Ben’s templates make it look like I can draw ;o) hehe :o)

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Rixty Exploration

I was doodling whilst we played boardgames last night and this appeared :o)


Apparently I had remembered the pattern from the latest newsletter from Rick & Maria :o)

As they didn’t share their step outs in the email I thought I’d share mine here. Along with some explorations of variations :o)


I’m looking forward to seeing their directions for the tangle. I have no idea whether they will be the same or different to mine :o)

I could be using this post to highlight the nonsense of copyright issues surrounding tangle patterns, but I don’t want to cause any arguments on my blog :o) So I shall refrain and just share my drawings :o)

Update: I’ve share this for the Diva Challenge #163 :o) Hello to everyone coming here from there :o)

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Tackle It Tuesday #4

Continuing the theme this week in Tackle it Tuesday involved tangles beginning with D :o)


I used Dutch Hourglass, Drupe, Dorset Button and Diva Dance :o)

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Gallery Photos #5

Wow! I’ve just checked the numbers and apparently there have been 50 photos shared since I did my last Gallery Photos post! :o) What a lot of beautiful drawings I have to share with you today! :o)

Tap on any of the photos to see a larger version :o) I recognised some in there from Jo and Colette. I also had a lovely message from Karen to say that 2 of them were by her 8 & 9 year old granddaughters! :o) I wonder if you can spot them? :o)

If any of them are your drawings and you’d like a mention here just leave a comment :o) I would love to get to know more of the wonderful artists using my app! :o)

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Here’s another one of my designs which was first made available in Doodle Patterns :o) This one was also based on a carpet pattern I saw whilst on holiday in Vegas :o)


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Diva Challenge #159 & Ornation Creation #37

Well this feels a little like cheating… but the Ornation Creation template this week is a shamrock and the Diva Challenge is to draw something with a St Patrick’s Day theme! :o) One image for both challenges! :o)


I really enjoyed taking a break from my computer to draw this! :o) I didn’t really use any specific patterns, I just started drawing and let it flow :o)

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