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White Space Doodle


The central focus of this drawing is a pattern I saw on someone else’s drawing for the Diva Challenge #155, though I can’t recall whose and there’s rather too many to look through! If anyone can name the pattern for me I would appreciate it! :o)

Somehow I resisted the temptation to fill in each section with a dense pattern and managed to keep it very light and sparse. It’s very different to my normal drawings but I think I like it better than my last attempt at white space! :o)

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Tackle it Tuesday #1

Cheryl over on Artful Creations posted a challenge yesterday, one I hope will become regular :o) This week the Tackle it Tuesday challenge was to create a picture using only tangles which start with ‘a’ :o)


I’ve used Asian Fans, Archer, Arundel, Arrowcheck, Amoeba and Arckles :o)

All but the last are already in the app and I think I’ll need to add Arckles as it’s very pretty :o)

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Gallery Photos #3

Wow! What a lot of lovely photos keep appearing in the app! Faster than I can make these posts! :o)

Lovely exploding circles of pattern!

This looks like a crazy machine to me! I wonder what it does! :o)

I love the lacing on this! “Someone laced the moon!” I exclaimed! :o)

A lovely Blooming Butter :o)

I’m always excited to see colour – those clouds are awesome!

Lovely overlapping circles!

A doodle tree! I keep meaning to doodle a tree! :o)

I wonder who David is… is it you? :o)

A doodled owl! Bizarrely, this is on my to-doodle list after our last trip to Hooters! :o)

A beautiful yin-yang Valentangle! Wow! :o)

Lots of lovely patterns :o)

I love the way the shading makes the borders stand above the patterns! :o)

Another doodled owl! Yay! :o)

These next 4 have been uploaded by my friend Colette, who I’m sure will appreciate me spotting them from her signature! :o) You can read more about her doodling and other crafty endeavours over on her blog.

Do you have a signature you always add to your artwork? I’m considering that I might need to create one but I’m not sure I’d ever remember to add it until after I’d filled the entire page! :o)

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Yay!! How else could I celebrate than with a doodle? :o)


Thanks everyone! :o) Your visits and comments make me ever so happy! :o)

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Diva Challenge #156

This week the Diva Challenge is “Curvy Gridlock” – drawing grid based patterns on curved grids! :o)

My grids are often a bit wonky so I tried to be even more curvy than usual :o)


I think I’ll be drawing nzeppel with extra curvy grids more often – I really like the effect :o)

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Naming Patterns

Whilst I’ve been away I’ve been drawing a lot of new patterns based on things I’ve seen – carpets, architecture, all sorts of things! :o)  I’ve included some of these in the next update to the app which led to the interesting challenge of names!

I’ve discovered in the past that sometimes when I create a new pattern, some one else has already made it and given it a name.  In my app you’ll find this pattern:



After I’d added this my friend said, “Hey, that looks just like Quiltz” and there was my pattern, already drawn by Kym Barlow!  Her steps are even identical to mine!  What a surprise! :o)

I often browse Tangle Patterns to check to see if a pattern I’ve made has already been named by someone else, and I try to use those names where I can to make it easier for people to look up the patterns by name for further inspiration :o)

So here are my “new” patterns with their slightly crazy names thanks to Chris :o)  If you recognise any of these patterns as having other names, please do let me know!















These will be available in the Doodle Patterns app as soon as Apple approve it – hopefully not too long :o)

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Metallic Sharpies!

Whilst in America Chris spotted some gold and silver oil based sharpies! Obviously I had to buy some along with black card :o) Today I finally got a chance to try them out for a Birthday card :o)


They’re really nice and smooth to draw with :o) A little thicker than I’m used to using for my doodles, but a good experience!

I’m looking forward to using them again and finding different things to draw on as they claim to work on many surfaces! ;o)

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Gallery Photos #2

It’s time for another batch of lovely photos from the Doodle Patterns gallery! :o)

These are all really beautiful :o)  I love the heart on red paper – I’ve just bought some gold & silver pens and some black cards to try something similar :o)

As I said last time, if these are your drawings just leave me a comment below and I’ll put your name on here and link through to your blog if you’d like :o)  I did have a quick glance around to see if I could find any of you from your signatures but I haven’t had much luck so far.  I’d love to know who you all are! :o)

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Blooming Butter

Oh how I love Blooming Butter! I started with a whole page covered in it and then filled in the spaces :o)


I really like how this turned out :o) Even with the slightly wobbly boomerang (really shouldn’t try drawing on a plane!) ;o)

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Diva Challenge #155

This week the challenge was a real challenge for me… “A little white space


I’ll be honest, it feels like I haven’t finished yet… But I’m not sure what else to do without losing the white space completely! It’s a bit weird :o)

Maybe I’ll have to try some more to get the hang of this “white space” thing! :o)

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