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Diva Challenge #152

20140131-230820.jpgAs I now have a suitable blog to post my images on I thought I’d try joining in the weekly challenge over on I am the diva

This week the challenge was to use the new Zentangle Aquafleur.

This isn’t a tangle style I would normal try – I like patterns to fill spaces usually. So this was quite a difficult one for me but I think I like the result :o)

The filler I used was based on a wall I saw earlier today :o)

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Version 1.10

I submitted an update to the app last night for Apple to approve. The update includes 24 new patterns! :o) Here’s a few for a sneak preview…

raile-thumb camelia-thumbbloomingbutter-thumb barberpole-thumb

I’ve also added a gallery feature so that we can share our doodles!  It will display the newest 10 uploaded photos and you can add your own too :o)  There’s no text and it’s all done anonymously.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy sharing your work and looking at each others for inspiration :o)

Fingers crossed that Apple won’t take too long to approve it! I’ll let you know when it’s ready to download :o)

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Name Doodle


This doodle is my name! I had a random moment of inspiration and I just had to draw! :o)

I split the page into 9 sections and then filled each section using a pattern made up from the corresponding letter. It was an interesting challenge trying to make a pattern from just a letter. I particularly like the i bursts :o)

Why not have a go with your name and share your images in the comments? :o)

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